The “Trans Adirondack” Route

April 9, 2012

Erik Schlimmer is a good friend with whom I have guided in Alaska previously. He is one of the few people who approach me in the volume of untreated Adirondack water he has consumed without ill effects!

Erik has a number of “firsts” under his wilderness belt, most of which I would have no desire to duplicate. (Canoeing the lower Hudson? Yuck!) His most recent, however, looks like a lot of fun. He has outlined a 235 mile route which traverses the Adirondack Park. He will be releasing a guidebook early next year (Blue Line to Blue Line) which details the route.

This summer, Erik is working with one of his former students to produce a documentary which will coincide with the launch of his book. Information on the route and the planned documentary is available at: