What’s the big deal with ticks?

January 11, 2020
In a new entry today, I have added the second of two columns I recently published in Adirondac regarding tick-borne diseases other than Lyme.  As much as I enjoy controversy (such as with water purification!), I always tread lightly when it comes to anything remotely related to Lyme disease.  No matter what I have to say, I can be sure that some Lyme “survivor” or “Lyme literate” expert will have to weigh in.
That being said, I can’t emphasize enough the last comment in the second column.  A tick researcher I recently met has spent his life studying these critters in their home turf.  He has crawled into their spaces for a very long time without becoming afflicted with any tick-borne illness.  He has no secret formula.  He simply uses the common tick-preventive techniques which one can read in virtually any outdoor publication today.
All the hullabaloo about tick diseases could be avoided if everyone just used simple precautions!  As is the case for a lot of wilderness medicine.